Bold Travels DVDr is shipping now!

Preorders are shipping now.

Bold Travels

The discs are being packaged to be shipped at the time of this writing, and all preorders have the highest priority on it. Current orders will be shipped very shortly

The DVDr features the fantastic artwork by Ron Milsom, and it also includes the original stereo mixes, plus instrumental stereo mixes and of course the 5.1 surround mixes on DTS digital format. A nice add-on is the inclusion of a 30-min interview/Making of feature, that shows some of the recording of the album.

New video! Claudio Momberg introduces the new band and guests

The preorder campaign for the third SETI album is now active, please go to the special preorder page for the details. You'll also find two exclusive video previews for the preorder campaign.

Bold Travels in Mixing stage

It's a great achievement, when an album that has been work-in-progress for about 5 years gets to the stage of mixing. Of course a stereo and a 5.1 surround mix are planned, yet the form they will take is yet unclear. It will al depend on the results on the forthcoming preorder campaign to fund the physical release, though a simple jewel case single-disc release is guaranteed, if the campaign gets succesfull it may become a 2-disc version including the surround mix, instrumental mixes, interviews and other surprises

Seti downloads on sale

To prepare the waters for the next preorder campaign, all 3 current Seti releases are available as downloads for 4 and 5 USD exclusively at This offer will expire as soon as the new preorder campaign kicks off, don't miss your chance!

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